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Showers on Yom Tov

Sep 28, 2011 by R Pesach Siegel

Laws of Taking a Shower on Yom Tov     Read More

Rosh HaShana - Sheep, Mountain Climbers & Soldiers

Sep 28, 2011 by R Pesach Siegel

Read More

Divrei Zikaron on Hagaon Rav Chaim Stein, z"l

Aug 1, 2011 by R Pesach Siegel

Rigshei...Read More

Laws of Purim 5771/2011

Mar 16, 2011 by Rav Pesach Siegel

  Read More

Laws of Chanukah!

Nov 30, 2010 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

Hallel is recited after the Shacharis prayers each day of Chanuka The Al HaNissim prayer is recited in Shemoneh...Read More

Yom Kippur 5771

Sep 20, 2010 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

Where Is Rivkah? Read More

Tzom Gedalia 5771

Sep 12, 2010 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

Never Trust a Canaani - 5771 Read More

Where'd Ya Get That Stuff?

Apr 27, 2010 by Rabbi Siegel

Wine appears up in all types of interesting places. The Torah relates, that when the city of Sodom was overturned, Lot ran to the mountains, together with his two unwed daughters. Hiding in a cave, they were unaware of the limited extent of the destruction. The...Read More

Yom Kippur

Nov 22, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

The gemara in meseches Rosh Hashana (16a) quotes Rabi Yishmoel. "Man is judged on Rosh Hashana and his judgement is sealed on Yom Kippur". This would indicate that the sealing of the judgement is on Yom Kippur whereas the inscribing takes place on Rosh Hashana. No...Read More

Tisha B'Av -Parshas Devorim

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

The general theme of the fast of Tisha B'Av is one of mourning. Many of the laws of the period surrounding Tisha B'Av parallel those of aveilus (e.g. prohibitions of shaving, listening to music, wearing freshly laundered clothing). There are additional...Read More

Parshas Vayeshev/Miketz/Chanuka

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

The posuk says, "Eileh toldos Yaakov, Yosef ben sh'va esreh shana." (1) (These are the children of Yaakov, Yosef was 17 years old). We find Yosef Hatzaddik referred to as the...Read More

Asara BiTeves

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

The tenth of Teves marks the day when Nevuchadnezer came with his hosts and surrounded the city of Yerushalayim. It is the beginning of the war which culminated in the destruction of the first Bais Hamikdash. Read More

In Memory of Rav Gifter

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

  “Der Brillin fun Toirah”   In memory of Moreinu VeRabeinu Harav Mordechai Gifter, zt”l   By Pesach Siegel   It is certainly...Read More

In Memory of Mother

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

On Shabbos afternoon, Erev Pesach after chatzos, our dear mother, Gittel Dina (Gertrude) Siegel, a”h, offered up her pure soul, the ultimate Korban Pesach, leaving a gaping wound in her beloved, devoted family.   A scion of Chicago,...Read More

The Impact Of Telshe On The Midwest

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

 Rav Eliezer Silver would refer to the three cities, Cleveland, Toledo, and Buffalo as “Ketev Meriri”, an acronym of their names. He likened them to “Shedim” due to the inroads made by Reform. Cleveland was the home of Abba Hillel Silver’s...Read More

The Place of Tu BiShvat Amongst the Mo'adim

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

   Tu BiShvat, occupies an enigmatic place amongst the mo'adim of Klal Yisroel. It's official status is a day which is designated as a cut off point for the ma'aser year. Deemed a Rosh HaShana in Torah SheBa'al Peh, yet seemingly devoid of the dinim of a...Read More

Purim in Nisan? (Purim)

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

   One Purim, I had the zechus of spending time in the house of my rebbe, Rav Moshe Shapiro, shlita. My young son accompanied me. Upon seeing my son, Rav Shapiro asked, “What is your name? My son answered, “Mordechai”. Rav Moshe replied...Read More

The Mouth Of Pesach (Pesach)

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

   From even a cursory gleaning of the laws and customs of the Pesach holiday it is quite evident that the faculty of speech figures prominently. A few examples should suffice:   The Shabbos prior to Pesach is called Shabbos...Read More

The Joy of Kavod (Lag Ba'Omer)

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

The period between Pesach and Shavuos, formerly a joyous time, has been transformed to one of mourning. We mourn the twenty four thousand of Rabi Akiva’s students who perished in a plague. The fact that Chazal instituted that we still mourn them after all these years...Read More

When Does 49 = 50? (Shavous)

Oct 21, 2009 by Rabbi Pesach Siegel

The sage Rav Yosef requested to be served a fat calf in honor of Shavuos. He said, "Were it not for this day, how many Yosefs there are in the market place!” He attributed his individuality to the day of Matan Torah. I always wondered why "the day" was...Read More

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