Welcome to Yeshiva Tiferet, your post-highschool American yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel.

Our Mission

At Yeshiva Tiferet we teach more than laws; we teach Torah that is all-encompassing. It speaks to our intellect and nourishes our emotions. It instructs us how to act and requires us to confront ourselves. It shows us who we can be, and it provokes us to appreciate the richness of life and creation.

Your guide on this quest for knowledge of self and Torah is your rebbe. He will help you identify your challenges and overcome them, so that you can discover your abilities and interests and develop your full potential. And his open home and heart will breathe life into all that you learn.

The intense learning is balanced by extensive programming: melavei malka, kumsitzes, monthly tiyulim, and shabbatonim in various communities to experience the diversity of Am Yisrael b'Eretz Yisrael. All these activities lead to a focused yet relaxed atmosphere where the mature student can excel.

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